Career Yagyas

Udyoga Pashupatam

This can help in finding the right career and in achieving prosperity. Everyone wants to get a good job in life for ensuring a bright career. However, many persons face difficulties in this process due to various factors. Udyoga means job and anyone who wants to procure best jobs can choose Udyoga Pashupatam homam for gaining better prospects. This homam plays a key role finding a right job quickly to earn high income. It also plays a role in removing various types of obstacles in life to attain high positions.

Sarva Karya Siddhi Pashupatha & Yagya

SARVA KARYA SIDDHI PASHUPATHAM YAGYA will be done for 3- 4 hours each day by 2-3 Pundits. Sankalpa: This can help in increased chances for success in all areas of life. Yields desirable results as per your wish.


Your trust is our honor and your happiness is our goal.

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