Kshipra Ganapati

Benefits of this Yagya

Prosperity | knowledge | longfulfilling life

Kshipra Ganapati is depicted as being Handsome, red in color, and quick to appease and reward his devotees. In his four hands, he holds a goal, a noose, and sprig of Kalpavriksha (which is the wish-fulfilling tree), and a broken tusk. In his trunk, he holds precious jewels in a small pot, symbolizing prosperity.

Meaning : The term “Kshipra,” in Sanskrit, means rapidness and immediacy. He’s regarded as the One who answers prayers and rewards immediately. He is said to be responsive and kind and comes to the aid of his devotees immediately.   His devotees are bestowed with knowledge, and a long and fulfilling life. As per astrology worshipping Kshipra Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to get prosperity, knowledge, long and fulfilling life.