Siddhi Ganapati

Achieve new heights in life

Benefits of this Yagya

Success | Achievement | Power | Abundance | Attainment

The Golden colored Siddhi Ganapati is the representation of self-mastery and achievement. He is also known as “The Accomplished.” He has four hands, in which he holds a posy of flowers, a mango, a stalk of the sugarcane plant, and a battle ax. His trunk is seen to be curled around a sweet sesame ball.

Meaning: The word “Siddhi,” in Sanskrit, means success. Accordingly, Siddhi Ganapati is, as previously stated, regarded as the Lord of success and accomplishment.   He blesses his devotees with success in any path they may be on in life. He is also said to be the one who stores the Ashta Siddhis – the 8 universal attainments. His devotees are blessed with the ability to achieve success in all endeavors of life. As per astrology worshipping Siddhi Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to achieve new heights in life.