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In this section, you can request the Yagya you want by the name of the Yagya or by selecting the Yagya based on your specific need. Many types of Yagyas that are listed here, cover several different categories for both general and specific needs. If you still have any doubts or questions, you can request a personal consultation with Pundit Samavedula.

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Birthday Yagyas are performed on the occasion of ones birthday for a long and healthy life, to help with depression, to improve your health, to create positive energy and to help in various other areas of life.

Satisfying wishes and desires of the souls of the deceased ancestors from ones’ family who are trapped in the hostile regions due to unfulfilled desires and providing momentum for their further progress.

Career Yagyas help you with finding the right career, achieving prosperity, gaining better prospects and increasing chances for success in all areas of your life.

Daily Yagyas are designed by Punditji and are performed every day of the month. They cover life’s day to day essentials. They are designed to provide for essential needs and protection for you, your family, and your business.

Dasa Mahavidhya Yagyas has the strength to remove all the evil sins of a person and provides luxury and liberation. These Yagyas are believed to be highly rewarding. The combined blessings of these ten goddesses can make a person’s life healthier, wealthier, happier, and prosperous.

This can help to receive the blessings of the guru. Guru Puja is a thanksgiving ceremony remembering all the ancient Spiritual Masters who have brought this knowledge of Self. In the presence of a Master, fullness dawns, and Guru Puja is one of the highest expressions of devotion and gratitude to the Master.

These Yagyas can give a very strong Divine energy to the person, help with issues related to childlessness, predict the time of events, protecting you from evil, improving the skills of children, achieve mutual understanding between family members, and help in various other areas of family life.

These Yagyas can be performed to improve the environment’s energy level, eliminate undesirable elements, strengthen relationships, improving harmony between friends, colleagues and family members, building family unity, and various other matters where there is an imbalance in harmony.

Vedic Spiritual Center hosts special yagya events every month. Participate to focus on health and healing, prosperity, enlightenment and more.

Pashupatam is a very powerful Vydic process used to help in attaining special goals pertaining to health, wealth, and other material benefits. It acts as Lord Sri Rama’s arrow in combating difficulties and has evolved from Lord Shiva’s Pasupata Astra (Lord Shiva Special Weapon).

Nava Graha Shanthi Yagyas are special Planetary Yagyas compiled by Pundit C. S. Samavedula from Vedic Yagyas Center (VYC) to yield desirable effects for the performer’s life, such as promoting good fortune, yielding success, and neutralizing negativity. This is done with the help of Nature’s support.

These Yagyas can help with longevity of life, better health, improving life force with Divine energy, improving nervous system health, relaxing your mind for uninterrupted sleep, reducing pain & agony for an ailing person, preventing premature death, and helping with various other health related issues.

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Yagya Solutions for Difficult Situations

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Choose a single day Yagya or save with multiple days for long term benefits:
Ancestral Shraddha | Birthday | Career | Daily | Dasa Maha Vidya | Education | Family Difficulties | Harmony | Upcoming Events | Pasupata | Planetary | Health
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