Significance of Full Moon Yagyas

The full moon emanates the lunar cycle’s most vibrant and luminescent energies whenever the earth is between the moon and sun. The moon (Chandra) is feminine and is an indicator of the mind and emotions and the ruler of Cancer.

Significance of Chaitra Navratri

What is Vasanta Navaratri? Vasanta means “Spring,” Nava means “Nine,” and Ratri means “Night”. Vasanta Navaratris, or the nine nights of spring, fall in the Vedic calendar during the season of Chaitra (Spring). The Divine Mother (Supreme Power) in one of her immanent forms manifests throughout nature, as flowers blossom and trees turn green in the spring.

Significance of Varahi Navratri

In the Sri Vidya tradition, we have four different kinds of Navaratris. Among those, the one that comes in the month of Ashadha is called Varahi Navratri. The Goddess Varahi is the commander in chief in complete control of Goddess Lalita Tripuri Sundari’s entire battalion.