Shakti Ganapati

Achieve power and destroy evil

Benefits of this Yagya

Achievement | Protection | Inner Strength | Harmony

Shakti Ganapati is a powerful, Tantric worship form of Lord Ganesha. He is depicted as having 4 arms, seated, with one of His Shakti’s on His knee. He is seen holding a Harland, a noose, and goad, and bestowing blessings with the Abhaya Mudra. He is depicted to be of a red-orange hue.

Meaning: The term “Shakti,” in Sanskrit, means “power.” Shakti Ganapati’s consort, Shakti Devi, is seen to be seated on his left lap. She is the one who provides power to all. Shakti Ganapati represents the element of space, or Akash.   His devotees gain immense control over the senses and act with focus and accomplish things with ease. Shakti Ganapati is also said to be the destroyer of evil and protector of households. He is the one to bring peace and harmony in the lives of families. As per astrology worshipping Shakti Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to get control and power in life.