Ganapati Tarpanam

Benefits of this Yagya

Stress-reducing | Calming | Strength-Giving |Recovery-enhancing

This can be helpful for depression and at the time of surgery.

Mahaganapati Tarpanam is a ritual involving invocation whereby we offer our happiness to Lord Ganapati. The ritual involves taking a leaf (beatle leaf or any leaf) and making a small pyramid of turmeric on top of it – into which Lord Ganapati is invoked. The pivotal ritual involves offering 444 tarpanams (or water offerings) to this “turmeric” ganapati.

By the end of the ritual the turmeric pyramid gets dissolved with the water offerings yielding a sacred and holy water that can be used for bathing the following day. The leaf from the puja can be preserved for later use (see below).

The sacred scriptures recommend doing this ritual for 40 days i.e. doing the 444 tarpanams every day for 40 days. [While doing it for 40 days has many benefits, it does not mean that we cannot do it as and when we want to. In other words, Guruji recommends doing it as often as our schedule permits and does not force us to follow the 40 day regimen, even though he does admit that its full benefit comes from following the 40 day sankalpam].

After conclusion of the 40 day period, a small homam is recommended into which the 40 dried leaves (from each of the 40 days ) are offered. If you are unable to perform the homam for some reason, you can offer the leaves as manure in a forest visualizing that the all the elements of the leaves are being absorbed and recycled by mother nature completely.