Rinamochana Ganapati

To mitigate debts, guilt in life

Benefits of this Yagya

Success | Mitigate debts | Guilt in life

Rinamochana Ganapati is the form of Lord Ganesha that liberates humanity from worldly bondage and guilt. He is depicted to be wearing red silk clothing. In his 4 hands, he holds a tusk, a rose apple (his favorite fruit), a noose, and a goad.

Meaning: The term “Rina,” in Sanskrit, means “debt.” The term “Mochana,” in Sanskrit, means “relief from.” So, Rinamochana Ganapati is the One who helps devotees mitigate debts – both worldly debts and Karmic ones.   He is compassionate and bestows his devotees with the skills to overcome difficulties on the path to success. As per astrology worshipping Rinamochana Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to mitigate debts and guilt in life.