Significance of Devi Matangi

Divine Mother Devi Matangi holds the tenth significant position among the 10 Dasa Maha Vidya’s. She has dark complexion and yet is lavishly elegant and beauty with very refined beautiful features. Devi Matangi resembles Devi Sarasvati in appearance especially, the way she holds the divine musical instrument Veena. But there is significant difference in these 2 forms. Ma Saraswati grace is centered on more of ‘Saatvik’ form of learning such as fine arts, academics, mastery in language learning. Whereas Ma Matangi’s is ‘Tantric form of Ma Saraswati’. Ma Matangi’s sadhana helps in acquiring supernatural powers using ‘Tantric Prayog’ such as controlling people by influencing their minds, freezing thoughts.

Matangi Devi also holds Japa Mala, Lotus, Parrots, Shankh and Chakra. All these together symbolize the interrelated aspects of sound, knowledge, and power. Sound of the Veena represents creativity, parrot that accompanies Matangi associates with speech, Japa mala represents sound in the form of power of chanting Mantra. Combined power of all of these forms the power of Knowledge and knowledge is power. This is applicable to all aspects, skills relating to any field of learning. The more we know, the more knowledgeable we are, the stronger will be our hold on mastering that subject or skill.

Ma Matangi is also popularly known as ‘Ucchishta Chandalini or Ucchishta Matangini’. Devi Matangi is the repository of all 64 forms of art (Chatur Shashti Kalas). She is the one who bestows us with listening, speech, perception, learning, logical analytical skills, reasoning, and such other important learning factors.

Constant Sadhana of Ma Matangi helps one to acquire supernatural powers.

Devi Matangi is the quintessential Tantric Goddess and is often associated mastery in yogic or magical powers that are invoked to exert influence over environment or people etc. But this sort of power is something that true spiritual aspirants are not interested in. (They would rather seek mastery over other physical aspects such as control over their own emotions, impulses and thoughts and control over one’s own mind, which is higher and nobler gesture. One who seeks Spiritual growth should be more introvert than extrovert so as to discipline the mind and direct that energy towards God alone.

It is very important for us to focus on our actions first before judging others. Mind is never free its constantly roaming and therefore actions driven by mind without thinking are spontaneous and are emotionally conditioned yielding to different opinions formed by its experiences that bind us and these actions prolong our bondage. Unless one frees oneself from this bondage one cannot be liberated and unless one is not liberated, one cannot reach the Ultimate Eternal Truth, God. Devi Matangi’s teaches us to face our false notions, become free from bondages and leads us to progress on the path of Spiritual Salvation or Moksha).

Devi Matangi’s teaches us to face our false notions, become free from bondages and leads us to progress on the path of Spiritual Salvation or Moksha.

Ma Matangi Puja is advised strongly for those, whose Graha (Planetary) Transitions (for both – Antardasha or MahaDasha) for the period of Sun are going through malefic period. She can help relieving them from suffering and severe agony created by this Graha condition because she alone can mitigate the negative effect of ‘Surya Dasha’ and protect them from such afflictions. Persons going through such malefic period can be saved by Ma Matangi from very powerful accidents, obstacles in job or projects, dangers coming from unnatural calamities or to overcome very powerful enemies.

Benefits of Ma Matangi Pooja are:

  1. Disharmony in couples
  2. Overcoming strong and powerful enemies
  3. Accidents and harm coming from unnatural calamities
  4. Relief from strong mental afflictions such as memory, thinking issues
  5. Removes all strong obstacles in the path of learning
  6. Hearing disabilities
  7. Speech disabilities
  8. Removes strong negative forces and energies.