For Neutralizing Pitru Doshas Monthly Ancestral Shraddha Yagyas

Friday July 5th 2024 

Benefits of this Yagya

Blessings from your ancestors | Pitru Dosha |  Amavasya Dosha |  Sankranti Dosha | Grahana Dosha

This yagya can help you to receive blessings from your ancestors and release an ancestral karmas and curses (Pitru Dosha, Amavasya Dosha, Sankranti Dosha, and Grahana (eclipse) Dosha).

On this Amavasya, the souls of your ancestors are more willing and able to make a complete crossing to the other worlds. When they cross over completely and successfully, they can bring you many blessings and significant improvement in your life. They are delighted when honored on this day with special prayers and Poojas.

Scriptures note that offering Tarpanam, food for the souls of your ancestors, can help your ancestors become your most significant benefactors.

The Vedic text says that during Aadi Amavasya, the ancestors in Pitruloka take Yama Dharmaraja’s permission, come to earth and accept the Sraddha (ancestral yagyas) offered their descendants with satisfaction.

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