Special Saturn yagya Remedy on Shani Jayanthi


(Planet Saturn Birthday Celebration)

Where: At Yagya Center, India.

Live event will be broadcasted @  https://www.vydic.com/live/ 

10:30 AM to 1:00 PM – IST

Benefits of this Yagya

Health| Happy & Peace

This will be beneficial especially For  

  • ‘Sade Sathi’ (71/2  years of Shani (Saturn) transit ) 
  • Those who are going through Shani (Saturn) Graha Transits
  • Those are enduring lot of sufferings in their lives
  • Especially in Health issues 
  • Asthama Shani Transits

These yagyas are performed to reduce the negative effect of planet Saturn and neutralising Shani Dosha.