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Mrityunjaya Japam & Homa

Mrityunjaya Japam & Homa will be performed by 2 pundits for 41 days.

Sankalpa: For Longevity, Better health and improving life force with Divine energy.

Nadi Pashupatam Yagyas

This is specially done for improving all the nervous health and for improving the neurological issues or conditions.

Sankalpa: This is specially done for improving all the nervous health and for improving the neurological issues or conditions.

Nidra Pashupatham Yagyas

Nidra Pashupatham Yagyas Are Done For You By 2 Pundits For 2-3 Hours Each Day For 27 Days.

Sankalpa: To give rest to your mind and give you relaxed & uninterrupted sleep through which your body gains good energy.

Panchakarma Yagyas

Panchakarma Yagyas will be done for 11 days by 3 Pundits for 3-4 hours each day.

Sankalpa: For generating positive energy which will facilitate to yield good health and remove any negative forces that are causing health related troubles.

Raja Lakshmi Pashupatham

Rajya Lakshmi Pashupatham Will Be Done By 3 Pundits For 21 Days.

Sankalpa: For curing the cancer & reduce the pain & agony for an ailing person.

Soura Pashupatham Yagyas

Soura Pashupatham Yagyas will be done by 3 Vedic Pundits for 3-4 hours each day for 41 days.

Sankalpa: This is to benefit the performer for fast healing and quick recovery in health matters.

Surya Bhagawan Nama Mantra Japam

Surya Bhagawan Nama Mantra Japam (recitation of Sun God Mantra) will be done for 12 days by 2 pundits.

Sankalpa: For improving health conditions, removing physical ailments and increasing body strength.

Vata Roga Hara Pashupatham

Vata Roga Hara Pashupatham is for healing and recovery – will be done by 2 pundits for 21 days.

Sankalpa: For creating positive energies towards healing and health recovery and to strengthen the disease fighting capability for the body.

Ganapati Tarpanam

This can be helpful for depression and at the time of surgery.

Mahaganapati Tarpanam is a ritual involving invocation whereby we offer our happiness to Lord Ganapati. The ritual involves taking a leaf (beatle leaf or any leaf) and making a small pyramid of turmeric on top of it – into which Lord Ganapati is invoked. The pivotal ritual involves offering 444 tarpanams (or water offerings) to this “turmeric” ganapati.

By the end of the ritual the turmeric pyramid gets dissolved with the water offerings yielding a sacred and holy water that can be used for bathing the following day. The leaf from the puja can be preserved for later use (see below).

The sacred scriptures recommend doing this ritual for 40 days i.e. doing the 444 tarpanams every day for 40 days. [While doing it for 40 days has many benefits, it does not mean that we cannot do it as and when we want to. In other words, Guruji recommends doing it as often as our schedule permits and does not force us to follow the 40 day regimen, even though he does admit that its full benefit comes from following the 40 day sankalpam]. 

After conclusion of the 40 day period, a small homam is recommended into which the 40 dried leaves (from each of the 40 days) are offered. If you are unable to perform the homam for some reason, you can offer the leaves as manure in a forest visualizing that the all the elements of the leaves are being absorbed and recycled by mother nature completely.

Amrita Pashupatam

This can be helpful in preventing premature death. Premature deaths are increasing in large numbers these days due to health issues and other factors.The life expectancy of a normal person is decreasing gradually because of potential threats from the surroundings. Most children and adults face premature death problems which affect the quality of life. There are several ways which are available for preventing them in an effective manner. 

Amirta pashupatam homam makes feasible ways for increasing the life span of a person by reducing premature death to a wider extent. This homam is extremely helpful for preventing the premature death problems by addressing exact needs. In fact, one can able to live a healthy life after performing this homam. It also provides methods for minimizing the risks of health disorders to live a healthy life.

Mritasanjivini Mrityunjaya

This can be helpful when one is in a coma, in the I.C.U. or during an emergency. It is said to be beneficial for mental, emotional and physical health and to be a moksha mantra which bestows longevity and immortality. 

According to some puranas, the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra has been used by many Rishis as well as Sati during the time when Chandra suffered from the curse of Prajapati Daksha. By reciting this mantra, the effect of the curse of Daksha, which could make him die, slowed, and Shiva then took Chandra and placed it upon his head. 

This mantra is addressed to Lord Shiva for warding off untimely death. It is also chanted while smearing Vibhuti over various parts of the Body and utilised in Japa or Homa (havan) to get desired results. While its energy protects and guides the initiates a mantra re-links consciousness to its deeper and more abiding nature and repetition of the mantra constitutes Japa, the practice of which develops concentration that leads to a transformation of awareness. Whereas the Gayatri Mantra is meant for purification and spiritual guidance, the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is meant for healing rejuvenation and nurturance.

Arogya Pashupatam

This can help all areas of health. It is essential to keep health in a good condition for overcoming potential threats in life. There are many ways which are available for improving health conditions to increase the life span of a person. Nowadays, different types of homams are widely followed for this purpose to obtain optimum results. 

Living a healthy life is the ultimate aim of many people as they want to perform their duties without any disturbances. Arogya pashupatam homam is an ideal one for those who want to maintain their health in a perfect condition. This homam plays a significant role in ensuring a healthy life by controlling major disorders.

Mahamrityunjaya Yagya

This can help with general health issues. It can also help to prevent any upcoming health problems and help with Saturn Dasha problems. Literal meaning ‘Conqueror of death’, this miraculous Yagya is very popular in Vedic tradition, for alleviating diseases, physical and emotional disturbances, for ensuring a long and healthy life. 

This Yagya is also performed to give more strength to a normally healthy person, who are highly active in a responsible position and cannot afford even slight and minuscule illnesses. This is called the – King of Yagyas – and is meant for avoiding premature death and increasing span of life. This Homam is devoted to Lord Shiva. The Yagya is performed to achieve success over – MRITYU, which means death. 

The main point of worship during this Yagya is Lord Shiva. It is a life saving Yagya, creating heavenly positive guard around the person, for whose wellbeing this Yagya is organized. Spectrum of optimistic energies and vibrations cancel out all the pessimistic and wicked forces and save the person from bad luck. It gives long life, harmony, prosperity, success, happiness and endless life. When someone is unwell or wounded, Mahamrityunjaya Yagya is done round the clock to avoid the danger.

Maha Mrityunjaya Yagna procedure is complicated, but highly helpful for faster mending from any kind of sickness & improvement of fitness. Due to its strong remedial power, it helps to heal some never-ending diseases, which are declared incurable by the doctors. The important offerings in Mahamrityunjaya Yagya Vidhi are herb called amrita and durva grass.


Abhishekam means bathing ceremony and Rudra means Shiva. As you all know Rudrabhishekam is performed to Lord Shiva. In the trinity, Shiva is said to be the destroyer which means he is the destroyer of evil, the destroyer of our enemies who are no one else nit our own ego and greed. Shiva therefore provides prosperity and happiness. 

Shiva Tattva in short is the innocent divinity present in every-one and everything. To understand Shiva tattva, even Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma do not know the starting and ending of Shiva. No one knows where he comes from and how vast he is. Rudrabhishekam is performed to please the Lord as Lord Shiva is fondly known and termed ” Ab-hisheka Priya ” (meaning, one who is fond of Abhisheka – Ritual of bathing the God). 

Rudrabhishekam when performed with utmost devotion, creates positive energy and dispels or neutralizes negative energy within our mind or physical body. This is because, Mantra has a physical value and when this Mantra is uttered, it vibrates in different parts of our body and in our mind. Our ancient sages and seers have given or must say bestowed upon us many ways of performing Rudrabhishekam. 

One simple way called the Panchamrutha Abhishekam uses Five ingredients which are Milk, Honey, Sugar, Curd (Yoghurt) and Ghee (Clarified Butter). Any person or family who gets this Rudrabhishekam performed will not only be able to neutralize the negative energies around them but also obtain prosperity, tranquility in mind and relations, success in career & education and good health.

This Abhishekam also helps in developing an optimistic attitude and also gaining self-confidence. It is very beneficial in neutralizing negative Karmas and creating positive Karmas. Vedic Yagya Center and Pundit Samavedula is providing Rudrabhishekam EVERYDAY for 365 days, without a break, for you. It will be performed by a group of Pundits by chanting the Vedic chants Namakam & Chamakam, Mrutyunjaya Mantra chant and the Pancha Sooktas. 

Namakam & Chamakam comprise of praising the Lord (Lord Shiva) and putting in front of him the problems of humans and asking him for his blessings. Mrutyunjaya Mantra chant and the Pancha Sooktas. Namakam & Chamakam comprise of praising the Lord (Lord Shiva) and putting in front of him the problems of humans and asking him for his blessings. Since Pundit ji wanted this service to be affordable and available to everyone, Daily Rudrabhishekam is offered at $1 per day, counting up to $365 per year. Kindly avail this offer for the benefit of you and your family.

Ratha Saptami

Chaturdwara Purassara Surya Namaskarams (Yagya) by 8 Vedic Pundits.

This yagya will help:

  • To gain good health
  • To prevent unwanted health issues
  • Heal and recovery from illness
Bala Tripura Sundari and Indrakshi Yagya

These Yagyas increase self-realization degrees, alleviate anxiety levels, and strengthen participants mental abilities. They open the doors for Moksha (salvation). Indrakshi Yagya is beneficial for gaining wealth and welcoming monetary gains in both personal and business lives. Participating in these Yagyas influences all the Siddhis and brings success in your area of expertise. They also eliminate ignorance and create and maintain positive thoughts and energies.

Dhanvantari Yagya

Dhanteras (Dhana Thrayodashi)
Dhanvantari is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is the presiding Deity for Healing and good health. Dhanvantari Yagya participants will benefit through the rejuvenation of positive energy towards health improvement, enhancement of healing and recovery processes, and gives relief from pains and aches. Helps in enjoying a healthy life.

Sri Sudarshan Yagya

This Yagya ensures strong Divine protection for you from your enemies, evil forces, negativity, and protects you from evil eye and black magic. If you are facing troubles from supernatural and maleficent spirits, then Sri Sudarshan Yagya is the perfect fit for you.

Benefits: For Special Divine Protection in all Areas of Life

Sri Maha Lakshmi Homa/Yagya

1008 Red Lotus Flowers for Monetary gains & Wealth

Participants will benefit through great success, the abundance of wealth, good health, prosperity in business, eradication of poverty and debt, and all desires fulfilled. This Yagya is strongly advised for all at least once every year for better life prospects and leading a successful life for the rest of the year.

Maha Ling Archana

Maha Ling Archana is a unique Vedic ritual to worship lord Siva in the name of “Uma Pardhiveswara Swamy”. It is performed by making 365 (clay) Mruthika Siva lingas also called as Pardhiva lingas made of well prepared and sanctified clay. All these Siva lingams are arranged in the form of Kailasa prastharam which is a depiction of Siva Kailasam with 11 avaranas and 365 Rudra swaroopas representing each day in the year. Siva Shakti is invoked into each Siva lingam thru Vedic mantras during Shodasa Aavarana puja and worshiped with great devotion and bhakti to seek the blessings of Sri Uma Pardhiveswara Swamy for health, wealth, prosperity, protection from Epidemic, Pendamic and bliss with ultimate Mukti (enlightenment)

Siddhi Ganapati – Achieve new heights in life

The Golden colored Siddhi Ganapati is the representation of self-mastery and achievement. He is also known as “The Accomplished.” He has four hands, in which he holds a posy of flowers, a mango, a stalk of the sugarcane plant, and a battle ax. His trunk is seen to be curled around a sweet sesame ball. 

Meaning – The word “Siddhi,” in Sanskrit, means success. Accordingly, Siddhi Ganapati is, as previously stated, regarded as the Lord of success and accomplishment. He blesses his devotees with success in any path they may be on in life. He is also said to be the one who stores the Ashta Siddhis – the 8 universal attainments. His devotees are blessed with the ability to achieve success in all endeavors of life. As per astrology worshipping Siddhi Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to achieve new heights in life.

Vira Ganapati – Achieve bravery and destroy evils in life

Vira Ganapati is the representation of valiance and bravery, and He has 16 arms. He is depicted to have weapons in his 16 arms, such as a goad, a banner, a bow and arrow, a sword, a shield, a goblin, a discus, a large hammer, an ax, a spear, a noose, a mace, a chakra, and a trident. Vira Ganapati is said to destroy evil and ignorance. 

Meaning – The term “Vira,” in Sanskrit, means courage. Accordingly, Vira Ganapati is a fearless commander and warrior. He represents the element of fire, or Agni.   Worshiping Him can help devotees gain the ability to face and overcome threats and fears and develop the courage to face any challenges. As per astrology worshipping Vira Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to destroy evils, and achieve bravery in life.

Heramba Ganapati – Achieve strength, get rid of fear, weakness

Heramba Ganapati is usually depicted as being white in color, and he is seen to be riding a giant lion as his vehicle. He is the beloved son and appears with 10 hands and 5 heads. His right hand bestows blessings (Abhya Mudra), and his left-hand grants wishes. The rest of the hands hold a mala of beads (Rudraksha), a noose, an ax, a hammer, a broken tusk, a fruit, a Modaka (his favorite sweet), and a garland. 

Meaning – The term “Heramba,” in Sanskrit, is actually made up of two separate words. The word “He” is defined as “weakness” or “helplessness.” The word “Ramba” is defined as “protection.” Thus, Heramab Ganapati is known as the protector of the weak and/or helpless. This form of Lord Ganesha holds a protective role of a savior. He annihilates fear and worshiping Him is said to bring confidence to the weak and hope to the poor. His devotees are rid of anxiety, and blessed with skill, knowledge, and conviction. As per astrology worshipping Heramba Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to protect from weakness and helplessness.

Rinamochana Ganapati – To mitigate debts, guilt in life

Rinamochana Ganapati is the form of Lord Ganesha that liberates humanity from worldly bondage and guilt. He is depicted to be wearing red silk clothing. In his 4 hands, he holds a tusk, a rose apple (his favorite fruit), a noose, and a goad. 

Meaning – The term “Rina,” in Sanskrit, means “debt.” The term “Mochana,” in Sanskrit, means “relief from.” So, Rinamochana Ganapati is the One who helps devotees mitigate debts – both worldly debts and Karmic ones.   He is compassionate and bestows his devotees with the skills to overcome difficulties on the path to success. As per astrology worshipping Rinamochana Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to mitigate debts and guilt in life.

Shakti Ganapati – Achieve power and destroy evil

Shakti Ganapati is a powerful, Tantric worship form of Lord Ganesha. He is depicted as having 4 arms, seated, with one of His Shakti’s on His knee. He is seen holding a Harland, a noose, and goad, and bestowing blessings with the Abhaya Mudra. He is depicted to be of a red-orange hue. 

Meaning – The term “Shakti,” in Sanskrit, means “power.” Shakti Ganapati’s consort, Shakti Devi, is seen to be seated on his left lap. She is the one who provides power to all. Shakti Ganapati represents the element of space, or Akash. His devotees gain immense control over the senses and act with focus and accomplish things with ease. Shakti Ganapati is also said to be the destroyer of evil and protector of households. He is the one to bring peace and harmony in the lives of families. As per astrology worshipping Shakti Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to get control and power in life.

Srividya Ganapati – Gain blessings of Kula devata, relief from pitra dosha

There is a lot of importance given to Sri Maha Ganapati Sadhana in Sri Vidya. It is a unique Sadhana that bestows freedom from worldly karmas. Ganapati can annihilate karmas like no other. 

Meaning – The Sadhak, after the Sadhana, is able to move further on the path of Sri Vidya Sadhana. They are also relieved of their “Pitra-Dosha” and “Kula-Dosha,” and allows them to gain the blessings of their Kula devata in order to proceed with their Sadhana. This Sadhana is done by first activating the Maha Ganapati Sri Vidya mantra through Tarpana, Yantra Puja, Havan, etc. As per astrology worshipping Shakti Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to get blessings from Kula devata and relief from pitra dosha.

Kshipra Ganapati – Prosperity, knowledge, long and fulfilling life

Kshipra Ganapati is depicted as being Handsome, red in color, and quick to appease and reward his devotees. In his four hands, he holds a goal, a noose, and sprig of Kalpavriksha (which is the wish-fulfilling tree), and a broken tusk. In his trunk, he holds precious jewels in a small pot, symbolizing prosperity.

Meaning – The term “Kshipra,” in Sanskrit, means rapidness and immediacy. He’s regarded as the One who answers prayers and rewards immediately. He is said to be responsive and kind and comes to the aid of his devotees immediately.   His devotees are bestowed with knowledge, and a long and fulfilling life. As per astrology worshipping Kshipra Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to get prosperity, knowledge, long and fulfilling life.

Ucchhishta Ganapati – Abundance of blessings, and accomplish success

The blue colored Ucchishta Ganapati is also known as the Lord of Blessed Offerings, and he is also considered the protector and guardian of culture.  He has 6 arms, in which he holds a veena, a pomegranate, a japa mala, a blue lotus flower, and a sprig of fresh paddy. On his lap sits his Shakti, his consort. 

Meaning – The term “Ucchishta,’ in Sanskrit, means “leftovers” or “remains.” However, in this context, this word has Tantric connotations. He is considered to be a superior aspect of Lord Ganesha. His devotees are believed to receive an abundance of blessings, and the abilities to accomplish success in all endeavors and gain a dominant position in society. As per astrology worshipping Ucchhishta Ganesh in Ganesh Navratri days helps to seek abundance of blessings and success.


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