Budha Graha (Planet Mercury) Shanti

Benefits of this Yagya

Strength | Protection |  Success

This can help to propitiate and strengthen Mercury and to receive Mercury’s positive energy. If you are having any one of below given doshas in your birth chart you are advised to perform remedies to Mercury. Weak Mercury (Balya, Mritavasthas or conjoined with Mars, Saturn. Remedies Means worshiping Mercury with Mantra, Tantra and yagya. Based on your problem you can choose any one of below given remedial methods. These remedies will never give negative results and these will increase positive results of Mercury.

It is done for Eight Days by two pundits for three hours each day. A total of 23,000 recitations of Mantra Japa will be done in Eight Days. This Yagya will be done in four stages – Japa (Repeated recitations/continuous Mantra Chanting), Homa (Fire Ceremony), Tarpana (Offering the Divine energy generated thus to the Planet Mercury), and Dana (Giving in charity of the essential related items to a Vedic Pundit in lieu of Planet Budha).

  • This is done for propitiating & appeasing Planet Mercury (Budha graha) and attaining special blessings.