6. Tripura Bhairavi Mahavidya Yagya

Friday June, 21st 2024, Jyestha, Purnima

Goddess Sri Tripura Bhairavi follows sixth. Her radiance and brightness are compared to thousands of brilliant suns. Bhairavi is also a title for a female adept in Kundalini Tantra. While a Yogini is a student of Tantra or an aspirant, a Bhairavi is one who has succeeded. The name “Bhairavi” means “Terror,” or “awe-inspiring,” so the one who has achieved the state of Bhairavi is beyond the fear of death. She controls all electromagnetic radiation from outer space along with atomic radiation and effects of the nine planets on the Earth. One’s Ascendant or Lagna is appeased through this Yagya.

Significance of Tripura Bhiravi