Bhagavadgitā Maha Yajña & Maha Rudra Yajña

(With 121 Vedic Pundits)

From Wednesday Aug 21st, 2024 to Sunday Aug 25, 2024

Mrutyunjaya Vedic Spiritual Center Yagyas

Pundit Samavedula, hailing from the Vydic Yagya Centre, extends a heartfelt invitation to each of you, cordially encouraging your dynamic involvement and sponsorship for the imminent Maha Yagya. This profoundly transformative occasion stands devoted to the elevation of the collective global consciousness and the nurturing of self-awareness.

Encompassing a span of four enriching days, this profound yagya pledges to grace all participants with a plenitude of advantages spanning both the realms of Personal and Professional Life. From heightened health and holistic rejuvenation to amplified wealth and well-being, it promises an enduring aura of serenity and affluence. Furthermore, it emerges as a beacon towards enlightenment, skillfully mitigating negative karmas while infusing existence with a resplendent surge of positive energy and blessings. Your presence and unwavering support possess the inherent potential to render this spiritual undertaking genuinely extraordinary.

All 5 days Yagyas – Maha Yagya

All 5 Days from 21st Aug, 2024 to 25th Aug, 2024
(With 125 Pundits)

All 3 days Yagyas – Maha Yagya

3 Days from 23rd Aug, 2024 to 25th Aug, 2024
(With 125 Pundits)

Any Single Day

Will be performed any day in between 21st Aug to 25th Aug, 2024


Your trust is our honor and your happiness is our goal.

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