Chandi Homa Vedic Spiritual Center Yagyas

Chandi Yagya on Full Moon Day

Thursday 23rd May 2024, Vaisakha Purnima

Benefits of this Yagya

Peace & Protection | Remedy for leagal issues

Chandi Yagya is a sacred fire ritual dedicated to Goddess Chandi – the fierce and powerful form of Goddess Shakti. She is the primordial energy responsible for creation, sustenance and destruction of this entire cosmos. She is the sum total of the energies of all beings in this universe. Goddess Chandi is an embodiment of power and all the divine forces, who protects you from evil forces and perfects your mind, body and soul.

Goddess Chandi embodies power and all the divine forces who protect you from evil forces and perfect your mind, body, and soul.

This Yagya helps sponsors to receive protection from all kinds of legal issues and gives them the strength to handle the situations with a positive mind. With the grace of the Divine Mother, miracles may also take place. The impossible becomes possible. Therefore, this Homa is strongly recommended.