Amavasya Dosha


Benefits of this Yagya

Authentic Remedies to Mitigate Affliction and Bring Stability

What is Amavasya Dosha?

When the Sun and the Moon conjoin in any astrological sign within the birth chart, it gives rise to Amavasya Dosha. This Dosha exerts a potent influence, diminishing the Moon’s vitality and positivity in the presence of the Sun, leaving it weakened. Its presence in the birth chart can engender numerous physical and mental challenges for the individual.

The Formation of Amavasya Dosha through Cosmic Alignment:

The tight alignment of the Moon, symbolizing emotions, and the mind, with the Sun, representing the soul, occurring in any astrological sign, gives rise to the formidable Amavasya Dosha. This Dosha possesses the potency to induce both physical and psychological disturbances. In Vedic astrology, the lunar day is computed when the Moon transits 12 degrees from the Sun. The severity of the Amavasya Dosha varies according to the degree of conjunction between the Sun and the Moon. Given that Rahu governs the Amavasya Thithi (Moon Phase), the presence of Amavasya Dosha in the birth chart is regarded as inauspicious.

The Impact of Amavasya Dosha on Your Life:

Amavasya Dosha in one’s birth chart can manifest various challenges and obstacles, affecting:

•  The relationship with their mother
•  Receiving maternal blessings
•  The overall prosperity of the natives and their family
•  Mental and physical well-being
•  Financial security
•  Career advancement

Ways to Mitigate the Effects of Amavasya Dosha:

To alleviate the impact of Amavasya Dosha, you can consider the following:

*Organize and participate in ancestral yagyas every New Moon to mitigate Amavasya Dosha.

* Organize and participate in Custom Amavasya Janana Shanti Yagyas to mitigate Amavasya Dosha.

*Recite the mantra’ Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times

*Follow a vegetarian diet on Amavasya days.